Frank by Julie Hamill

Even though she has been dead for some months, Frank sees June clearly: in the kitchen, in the lounge, in the pub, in the club, in the chippie queue and in the bookies. June has been appearing beside Frank frequently and they have nice chats. He has become accustomed to her visits, even enjoys them, but why is she back?

Jackie, their daughter, cannot see her mum. She is on a different path of grief. Distracted, she has turned her attention to Tommy, a devilishly handsome bookmaker. Jackie accepts Tommy for what he is; a man with very different ideas about commitment, because she wants to avoid her own pain. But for Jackie, change is coming and this time it cannot be ignored.

With Father Cleary desperate for Frank to come back to mass, and neighbour Mrs Morrisson desperate to feed him casseroles, can Frank move forward in a life without June?

Set in Airdrie, Scotland in the 1980s, Frank is a touching, moving and humorous story that explores how a father and daughter cope in grief.

Frank features a full soundtrack of Queen, The Jam, Rod Stewart, Bow Wow Wow, The Smiths and others.