Mow available in paperback and Kindle versions

King Henry VII by David Collard.

If you enjoy William Shakespeare's history plays, and always wondered why he never wrote Henry VII, then this is the play for you

Now Available

The Fair Hollow by Christina Evans, updated from the book of the same name by Ted Baldock in 1988. It's available in paperback and as an ebook.

Delighted and so proud to announce that Julie Hamill's novel Frank made the longlist for the Guardian's Not The Booker Prize.

We are devastated to announce that Tim Harnden Taylor, beloved guv of Bing, died recently. Tim was the first author we signed and his delightful stories of Bing have amused many of you. Bing is our mascot too and at the moment is very forlorn and lost. The only bright thing is that there will be one last Bing book, which will be out sometime in 2020. There may also be a couple more stories from Tim, who occasionally managed to write something without Bing getting involved! Tim's funeral is on December 18 and we shall be raising a glass to him then.

Very exited to welcome a new writer to our stable. Kat Osbourne's first book shouid be out in early 2020. It will be the first book in the Clara Chronicles series

Cargoes - A celebration of the Sea Through the Paintings of Kenneth D Shoesmith and the Poems of John Masefield. by Glyn L Evans. OUT NOVEMBER 5. Read more here

Now available

Real Murder Investigations by Retired Chief Superintendent Kevin Moore NOW OUT.  Read more here

Jackie by Julie Hamill - the second book of her warm trilogy  NOW OUT. Read more here

Now Out! The Ruminations of Bing

Hurrah, Bing is back! The charmingly eccentric hound, with the unique view on life, returns with a third offering of gently funny and thought-provoking observations on his life with the guv, Tim. He and Tim meander through their days together, contemplating all manner of quirky conundrums. Are the Ashes a new kind of edible snack? Just who was Henry II? Why are they called fountain pens? The mysteries of Brexit are explored and Bing is revealed as something of a poet and a singer. Learn the Six Rules of Noshing in the world of Bing and discover what he thinks of Fuzzy Felt and Snap. Meet some of his friends, the Gruffalo, Darlene and Ralph. All this and more is revealed in the wonderful world of Bing. Read more here 

Thought you'd all like to know that Kevin Moore has donated over £400 to COPS, as a result of sales of My Way. Well done to all who supported him. Future sales will result in even more money going to this worthwhile charity which helps families of police officers, killed on duty, to rebuild their lives. Kevin's book is available here

OUT NOW!! Water of Life, the second book from successful author Darcy Drummond. If you liked Summer Season, you'll love Water of Life. Get it here

Sent With Love, imagined letters to and from the Front in WW1, and written by the Children of Caerleon, S Wales, is now available. As part of their learning about the period from 1914-1918, to mark the centenary of the end of that 'war to end all wars', the children wrote these letters to and from servicemen at the Front, many of which are truly poignant.

My Wayby Kevin Moore, is a unique and personal insight into the changes in policing and police leadership style over the years. Based on his own service of over 30 years, Kevin's book is a must for everyone who enjoys crime novels, as well as the more serious reader who wants an insider perspective on policing and the challenges it faces. Kevin's book is available here

Minstrel Magic by Eleanor Pritchard

Sad news - 3mbs have cancelled the last 2 parts of The George Mitchell Story, just because one person complained. Hundreds enjoyed the first part but no notice was taken of that by the cowardly management of the radio station. This is history being censored and shouldn't be allowed to happen. Eleanor's book is available here if you want to learn the rest of the story.

Minstrel Magic by Eleanor Pritchard

Great News! We are so pleased to be able to announce that Eleanor's book will form the basis for a three-part radio series being broadcast by Melbourne radio station, starting this Thursday May 31, second episode June 7 and completing on June 14. All at 8pm Australian time - that's 11am for those of us in the UK. The book is on special countdown offer on Amazon from Thursday until Sunday so if you can't wait for the next two parts, grab it while it's on offer.


We're delighted to announce that we shall be on the panel for the Question & Answer Session on Sunday June 17 at the prestigious Sidmouth Literary Festival. If you want to learn more about how to get your work published, why not see if places are available for this lovely three-day event? Or you can book online. Speakers include Nicholas Parsons, Kate Adie and Diana Moran.

Congratulations to Sylvia Mason for this lovely piece in the South Wales Argus on Saturday

Every Woman Remembered is now available on Amazon (other platforms from tomorrow) 

New Books!!

Spring is proving to be an exciting time for us at Saron Publishers.

Summer Season by Darcy Drummond is now available. This marks the debut novel of this talented young writer, and chronicles the tussles for dancer Summer Laine during one hectic summer season in Blackpool.

The summer will see the publication of My Way by Kevin Moore, a retired senior policeman, who recounts his story in a hard-hitting review of policing today.

To mark the centenary of the end of World War One, the autumn will see the publication of a collection of letters written by present-day Caerleon school students to imagined loved ones at the front.

Also due out in the autumn is Cargoes by Glyn Evans, a celebration of both poet John Masefield and artist Kenneth D Shoesmith.

We're also looking forward to Jackie, the second book by Julie Hamill in the Life and Soul series, a second book from Darcy Drummond, another collection from Usk Penthusiasts, and a third volume from our mascot Bing.

Minstrel Magic by Eleanor Pritchard

Lovely piece in the Shropshire Star about Eleanor's book and its subject. Click here to read it