The Fair Hollow originally written by Ted Baldock, updated by Christina Evans

A brief introduction to the history of St Mary's church, Panteg, S Wales. This quick read introduces the incumbents since the fourteenth century, and notes their contribution to church and parish. It includes a brief description of the churchyard and memorial stones. A very useful and interesting publication for locals and church historians alike.

Available in paperback and as an Ebook

Cargoes - A Celebration of the Sea. John Masefield & Kenneth D Shoesmith. Edited by Glyn L Evans

When a poet or artist is truly able to capture, in words or pictures, man’s fight for mastery of the sea, he may be counted by those who fully appreciate these two art forms, a master of his craft. In this beautifully produced hardback coffee table book, Kenneth D Shoesmith expert Glyn L Evans has matched Shoesmith’s paintings with poems by Poet Laureate John Masefield to examine how a collaboration between the two might have flourished.

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Real Murder Investigations - An Insider's View

Retired Chief Superintendent Kevin Moore's new book is out on October 1. If you enjoyed his first book, My Way, you will love this insider's account of how real murder investigations actually happen.


Every Woman Remembered by Sylvia Mason

Seven Newport women died in the Services in World War One. This book tells their stories, as well as the stories of other women who contributed to the war effort and paved the way for the new world for women which came out of 'the war to end all wars'.

Minstrel Magic by Eleanor Pritchard

Choirmaster George Mitchell was the inspiration behind the show business phenomenon that was The Black and White Minstrel Show. But his career had already hit the heights, long before the Minstrels were dreamed of. This best-selling biography charts the rise of George and his Singers and their incredible influence on post-war entertainment.

Paperback version released on June 13, 2017    ISBN 978-0-9956495-4-5. Available from all online booksellers and to order from bookshops

Also available in Kindle format

My Way by Kevin Moore    Paperbook now available. Kindle due out August 21st

In this memoir, recently-retired Chief Superintendent Kevin Moore reflects on an association with Sussex Police which stretches back over 50 years. As the son of a police officer, and someone who himself served in nearly every rank in the service, Kevin is uniquely placed to recall his own career in terms of highs and lows, as well as changes in policing and police leadership style over the years. Full of fascinating detail as to front-line policing and the high-profile cases he was involved in, this book is a must for anyone who enjoys crime novels, as well as the more serious reader who wants an insider perspective on policing and the challenges it faces.