Good Cop, Bad Cop by Kevin Moore

Retired Detective Chief Superintendent Kevin’s Moore exploration of police corruption makes fascinating reading for anyone interested in true crime. Written following a lifetime in the police force, and many years in Anti-Corruption, Kevin is perfectly placed to explore in depth just what corruption means. He delves into the various types of corruption, from misdemeanours through to deliberate criminal behaviour, leading the reader to decide for him or herself just what is meant by the terms. Some of the worst examples lead to innocent people being wrongfully imprisoned for years or the guilty walking free. Learn more about cases such as the Hillsborough Disaster, The murder of Stephan Lawrence and the hunt for the killer of Lesley Molseed. Illustrated by case studies, many of which will be familiar, readers will gain a much clearer and focused conception of what drives police to condone and commit corruption, in the very heart of what society is entitled to believe are their protectors.