Real Murder Investigations - An Insider's View by Kevin Moore

For fans of real-life murder investigations everywhere! Retired Chief Superintendent Kevin Moore takes a fresh look at how murder investigations have developed over the last forty years and revisits some of the high-profile murder cases he was involved in during his career with Sussex Police. It’s not all like Midsomer Murders or Vera! The book identifies the professionalism of such investigations and explains the processes involved from the finding of a body to the close of the trial. What is murder in the first place? How do the police differentiate between the different levels of homicide? What part do forensics play and what issues do the police have to be aware of? What happens when criminals murder criminals? Kevin played a part in dozens of murder investigations, either as the Senior Investigating Officer or as the lead in reviews of such cases. His role in cold murder investigations is also explored. Cases highlighted by Kevin include the murders of Milly Dowler and Billie-Jo Jenkins, as well as the brutal slaying of Nicola Fellows and Karen Hadaway, the Babes in the Wood murders. The investigations into killings such as those of Jimmy Millen and Jason Martin-Smith reveal what happens when thieves fall out with each other. Many other cases reveal the impact they have had on the modernisation of murder investigations and provide a fascinating insight into real police work.