We are always happy to consider submissions but only take on a few books every year. Please send an outline, first three chapters and some information about yourself and we promise to get back to you as soon as we can.

Things to Consider

We only handle Print on Demand and ebooks.

We will provide editing, proof-reading, layout, and cover and book design. We will format your book for both POD and ebooks, providing the necessary ISBNs, and submit to Amazon as well as all other major online retailers in both versions. We will also handle the legally-required Library deposits.

We can provide you with some marketing ideas and are happy to handle free giveaways and promotions on sites such as Goodreads etc. We will publicise your book on our website, and on Facebook and Twitter. Beyond this, marketing is your responsibility.

Don't expect to get rich. The joy is in the process and in seeing your book in print. As to finances, you are risking nothing financially, should we like your work. We cover all up-front costs, though these are few with POD and ebooks. The cost of the Library-deposit books, plus the cost of any copies you choose to buy through us for your own use or for publicity, will be met out of royalties, after which we will retain 50% of any royalties. Within one month of having received any money, we will pay the balance into your PayPal or UK bank account. You will need one or other of these to conduct business with us. 

Any further questions, just ask.